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The damned human race

Man is revengeful by nature. indecency vulgarity and obscenity are invented by man and confined to him. He hides his true self and covers himself. Man fights wars in orders to take revenge and annihilate human race. As a mercenary, he kills strangers whom he has never met. Bloodshed is the nature of man.

Man is worse than animals

Harris says that man is not the best of all creations. He is rather the lowest from animals. Man falls much short of expectations and behaves worse than animals The cruel nature of man makes him the lowest of creatures He exposes the violent and warlike nature which indulges him in killing every living creature. Harris condemns man for his cruelty and revenge fulness

Man is slave

Man enslaves others and is enslaved by others. The higher animals do not practice this. Man enslaves other for minor wages but the animals are the only ones who exclusively do their on work.

Self -centered patriotism

Harris exposes man’s sense of patriotism with great design


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