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How do I stop doing bad habits?

How to remove Bad habits  alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, gambling addiction, smartphone, shopping, coffeemania, junk food , not wake up early , Procrastination, Nail biting, thumb sucking

how to remove bad habits

removing bad habit
how to erase bad habits

how to wake up early in the morning

if some one tries to wake up early in the morning but he could not do so . for that he make an alarm on his mobile at 5:30 am . when the alarm rings he stoped the alarm and sleep again and then wake up at 8.30 am .he wants to change his habit of wake up early I the morning. He will make the alarm again the next morning and do the same as he done the 1st day , after that he do same thing the third day ,

Young Man Sleeping On Bed With Alarm On Mobile Phone
Young Man Sleeping On Bed With Alarm On Mobile Phone

one person told him to do one more step in that after stooping the alarm he should tear Rs100 note into 2 pieces . it will work to get him wake up early in the morning . he do the same the 1st day alarm rings then he stooped and wake up at 8 am he teared the Rs 100 note in to 2 pieces  then he do the same routine the 2nd day . the 3rd day that person thought if he do that again then he will have to tear his Rs 100 note into 2 pieces .

this is self punishment for not to wake up early in the morning . now he wake up early in the morning


how to quit smoking /niswar / gutka / paan / alcohol

if some one do want to quit from smoking but he could not do so he tried very hard to remove this bad habit from his life .

man smoking bad habits
man smoking bad habits

how to stop smoking

smokers friend to smokers wife if you want to remove this habit from him then you have to do same I say to you  she replayed I will do the same as you say to me .when he some home you and your children smoke in front of husband ,  the smoker wife buys a cigarette box and returned back to home .when husband arrived at home he started smoking in front of the children again . suddenly wife start fire on 3 cigarette the husband reply what are you doing why are you enlightened 3 cigarette  she reply from now one we all do the same thing as you do . we will also smoke so the family will do the same thing at home . suddenly the 7 year boy started coughing in after inhaling the cigarette husband reply don’t do this you will die with this . son replayed ‘’you don’t die with this then why should I die’’

wife reply to the husband you are going to die with the consumption of cigarette then ultimately he will die with out you . it’s the best solution that we all die at once .

after watching this the smoker quit smoking.

these are some of the examples which helps al ought to quit from bad habits.

Procrastination bad habits
lazy person bad habits

 What is Procrastination

Procrastination is the action of unnecessarily and voluntarily delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be negative consequences for doing so. The word has origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning “forward,” and crastinus, meaning “of tomorrow.It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences. It is a common human experience involving delay in everyday chores or even putting off salient tasks such as attending an appointment, submitting a job report or academic assignment, or broaching a stressful issue with a partner. Although typically perceived as a negative trait due to its hindering effect on one’s productivity often associated with depression, low self-esteem, guilt and inadequacy. it can also be considered a wise response to certain demands that could present risky or negative outcomes or require waiting for new information to arrive.


Overspending is spending more money than one can afford. It is a common problem when easy credit is available. The term overspending is also used for investment projects when payments exceed actual calculated cost

How to over come  overspending habit

Savings may prevent overspending because they provide a reserve for unexpected contingencies such as medical expenses and loss of income due to illness. Opening an recurring account in Bank when some fixed amount is taken out from the account and put in RD ( recurring account ). Lump sum amount is then paid back after completion of the fixed tenure.

start saving stop overspending or shoping bad habits
saving money when no over spending bad habits

Saving is income not spent, or deferred consumption. Methods of saving include putting money aside in, for example, a deposit account, a pension account, an investment fund, or as cash. Saving also involves reducing expenditures, such as recurring costs. In terms of personal finance, saving generally specifies low-risk preservation of money, as in a deposit account, versus investment, wherein risk is a lot higher; in economics more broadly, it refers to any income not used for immediate consumption. Saving does not automatically include interest.

Nail biting bad habits
Nail biting bad habits

Nail biting

Nail biting, also known as onychophagy or onychophagia (or even erroneously onyhophagia), is an oral compulsive habit of biting one’s fingernails. It is sometimes described as a parafunctional activity, the common use of the mouth for an activity other than speaking, eating, or drinking.

how to over come nail biting?

Cut their nails daily. Cutting your child’s nails lessens the surface area under the nails—and means less dirt, grime, and bacteria that can get into their mouth. Take good care of the cuticles, too; bacteria can get into the skin surrounding the nail and cause infection. Keep a small nail file or clippers in your purse. Sometimes, a snagged nail is simply too much to resist.


Find a substitute. Look for something healthy your child may be able to put into his mouth. For an older child, it might be regular snacking on crunchy celery and carrot sticks. Just make sure you don’t substitute nail-biting for sugary snacks or you’ll be trading one bad habit for another.

Thumb sucking bad habit
A baby is sucking her thumb bad habit

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a behavior found in humans, chimpanzees, captive ring-tailed lemurs and other primates. It usually involves placing the thumb into the mouth and rhythmically repeating sucking contact for a prolonged duration. It can also be accomplished with any organ within reach (such as other fingers and toes) and is considered to be soothing and therapeutic for the person. As a child develops the habit, it will usually develop a “favorite” finger to suck on.

 how to over come A baby is sucking her thumb bad habit ?

Strategies such as covering your thumb with fabric or with a foul-tasting substance may work. Keeping your hands busy with a fidget toy or a stress ball may help you to get past the urge. Other things to try include popping a mint or stick of gum into your mouth when you feel the desire to suck your thumb.

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